Does Your Roof Need to Be Replaced?


As Northeast Florida continues to recover from hurricane Matthew, many people realized the importance of a strong and sturdy roof when it was too late. Thousands of roofs have been replaced throughout the east coast already, and many more are still in need of repairs. Some homes were completely ruined because the roof could not weather the storm. It’s vital to have a roof system that can withstand high winds and other harsh elements. HW Contracting installs GAF roofing systems and is proud to say that our customers have had no roof issues after the hurricane.

What is a GAF Roof?

GAF (General Analine & Film) roofs are widely-known to be among the most durable roofing systems on the market. GAF uses high-end materials that ensure your roof is protected from even the harshest conditions. Their Timberline Shingles come with advanced protection and can withstand winds up to 130 mph. Additionally, their shingles come with a lifetime guarantee, keeping you safe for years to come. A quality GAF roof not only offers the best available protection, it also cuts down on bills by keeping your home properly ventilated. If you suffered damage from hurricane Matthew or you notice that your roof has missing or damaged shingles, it may be time to replace your roof…

HW Contracting

Not only is it important to have the right roof, you should also have the right team for the job. The professionals at HW Contracting are experts in several different services, including roof replacement. If you let HW install your roof, your satisfaction is guaranteed. We have provided contracting services in St. Augustine for several years, and now have nearly 100 clients. Rather than the hassle of going through multiple manufacturers and product lines, go with HW. We will install your GAF roofing system in a timely, professional, and friendly way.

We had zero reports of hurricane damage for any of our clients for a reason. It’s because we have the knowledge and expertise to get the job done right. So whether your needs are residential, commercial, or roofing, contact HW Contracting for the job!


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