New Construction

Building a custom home is a life long dream for many.  As the dream becomes a reality it can become an overwhelming experience.  We all have heard the jokes about couples stating, “if we could survive building a home togehter, then we can survive anything.”  Well there is some truth to that.  As one of the most significant purchases someone can make, it is no wonder that it also comes with a myriad of choices and decisions to be made and even obstacles to overcome.

With that said it is important for someone to have a project team assembled that understands and is willing to partner with their client.  This project team most likely starts with a General Contractor.  A contractor that partners with you, the owner, and helps develop and build a project team the compliments your vision.  A contractor that has built relationships with local engineers, architects, landscape designers, interior designers, etc.  HW Contracting is that contractor.  We are one that you can trust, one that listens and understands, and has a team-like collaborative approach to help guide you from an idea to a beautiful end result. For more information on building your dream home, please contact us.