DIY Roof Repair Dos And Don’ts

Roof maintenance may seem like a drag or just another chore, but it’s extremely important if you want to keep the structural integrity of your house intact! Fortunately, homeowners can perform frequent roof inspections on their own to spot problems ahead of time and occasionally even complete minor fixes before calling in the professionals for roof repair services.

So You Want to Fix Your Own Roof…

If you have a major problem with your roof, then hiring a professional roof repair service can save you the trouble of having to do all the hard work yourself — and they’ll make sure it’s done correctly to keep your roof working well for years to come. While it’s a lot safer to leave your roof in the experienced hands of a roofing professional, there’s nothing wrong with fixing small issues (like minor leaks or broken shingles) yourself if you know what you’re doing.

If you do decide to take a DIY roof repair project into your own hands, here are a few dos and don’ts you should keep in mind, from beginning to end.  

Don’t Forget Your Safety Gear

Before you take on any kind of DIY roofing project, make sure you have your safety gear with you! Basic safety gear for roof work includes a helmet and soft boots with rubber soles that provide great grip. Besides that, it’s wise to invest in roofing safety equipment and have someone else work with you for your protection.

Do Check the Gutters

Your roof is so much more than the fancy tiles you see on the top. A failure or malfunction at any part of its design can lead to leaks and other damage that can wreak havoc on your home — and your bank account. Clogged gutters are a classic example of this. Your gutters are responsible for preventing water from accumulating on your roof, channeling water away from it. If you’re dealing with clogged gutters, a simple fix is to grab a ladder, climb, and start cleaning any leaves or other debris that may be causing blockage. Be sure to move your ladder as you clean and don’t try to stretch or lean out, as that can be dangerous and result in falls.

Don’t Go for Short-Cuts

Remember, your roof is a life-long investment. You don’t want to cut corners while handling any repairs or fixes because you’ll pay for it in the future (literally). Do your research, find the best roofing material, and check the quality before you start the project. Don’t pass on sealants, caulks, or high-quality shingles because you’ll find yourself paying for additional repair costs down the road. Select a durable roofing material, consult a professional before you begin, and only then should you go ahead with the DIY project.

Do Inspect Insulation & Roofing Components

Frequent inspections of your roof are encouraged since it alerts you to problems early on. When you do, be sure to inspect insulation because proper insulation is crucial for the ventilation and energy efficiency of your home. You should also check roof flashings to confirm there are no issues there. While you can do this yourself, we recommend you hire professionals to perform these inspections since they have a far more trained eye to get to the root of the problem.

Don’t Test Your Roof’s Weak Spots

What is it about a problem spot on the roof that we just want to step on? As tempting as it may be to test it out with a little pressure, don’t do it! You may want to use your foot to check for weak spots on your roof, but that’s not the right route to take. Professional roof repair services recommend that homeowners refrain from walking on their roof altogether. Not only is it damaging to the roof, but it can also be dangerous for you, too, as the chance of a slip or fall is high. Plus, if your roof is really weak, you may end up with a hole in your roof, and you could be going through it!

Do Hire Professional Roof Repair Services

While DIY roofing projects are fine for minor fixes, hiring professional roof repair services is essential if you want to sustain your roof in the long run. Always think of roof repair as a long-term investment and plan accordingly. By hiring a professional roof repair team, you can bypass the hassle of a DIY roof repair project yourself entirely and have it completed by professionals. Some roofs are not walkable at all (think steep roofs) and professionally trained roof repairmen have special techniques and equipment available for roofs like these to repair them safely and easily.

Get Expert Roof Repair in St. Augustine, FL

If you’re not sure what’s wrong with your roof or if you can handle the job yourself, call in the experts! At HW Roofing, we proudly provide roof repair for homes and businesses in St. Augustine, Nocatee, Ponte Vedra, Jacksonville, and the surrounding communities in Northeast FL. To find out how much it’ll cost to repair your roof, request a free roof inspection today!