HW Roofing Referral Program

Know someone who needs to hire a roofing company?

Refer them, and if they use our services, you’ll get rewarded!

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How Our Referral Program Works

Submit an Online Referral

Refer them, and if they use our services, you’ll get rewarded!

We’ll Reach Out to Them

We’ll reach out to your referral to find out if they need our services and provide them with a free quote.

You’ll Get Rewarded

If your referral becomes a customer, then you’ll get rewarded!


Your referral will get high-quality roofing services, and you’ll get rewarded!

Level one


Refer 1 qualified customer

$150 gift card (per qualified customer)

Level two


Refer 3 qualified customers

$200 gift card (per qualified customer)

Level three


Refer 5 qualified customers

$250 gift card (per qualified customer)

Level four


Refer 10 qualified customers

$300 gift card (per qualified customer)

Gift Card Options*

* Can split your reward between 2 of the gift card options in minimum denomination of $50.00.

Program Terms

A referral is a homeowner or business owner that contracts with HW Roofing for a new or re-roof of at least 1,400 sf (14 sq), or approved insurance claims paying for a complete re-roof count.

Referrals that become qualified customers within 1 year of the first referral submission count toward your reward level achievement.

A referral becomes a qualified customer once their roof is built by HW Roofing and they have signed their Certificate of Completion (CoC).

Reward levels restart 1 year after the first referral submission. Referrals must be made through the referral form prior to the referred homeowner having had any initial contact with HW Roofing.

A referral reward cannot be used for cash value toward a VISA, MASTERCARD, or like cash conveyance, or toward any outstanding balances with HW Roofing.

There can only be 1 referrer per household that submits referrals into the referral rewards program.

You cannot refer your own primary residence into the program; however, if we have replaced your primary residence or business roof, you may refer a second home, rental property, business location, etc.

You cannot refer roofs that HW Roofing installs for charitable organizations.

The referrer is solely responsible for submitting their referrals into the referral rewards program. HW Roofing representatives are not responsible for entering this information into the program for the referrer.

A Quality Roof

A quality roof will protect your home, increase its value, and lower monthly energy bills.

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Attention to Detail

We provide consistent communication and innovative solutions for every client.

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