How Long Does a Commercial Roof Last?

Commercial Roofing

When it’s time to get a new roof for your commercial building, you need to think about what’s going to get you the most bang for your buck. At the same time, you need to pick a high-quality roof that is durable and long-lasting. Most commercial roofs are expected to last somewhere between 15-25 years. However, there’s a lot that can determine the actual lifespan of a commercial roof, and that’s what you should focus on when it’s time to put a new commercial roof on your building.

What Affects a Commercial Roof’s Lifespan

No matter where you live or what type of roof you choose for your commercial building, there are a few things that will affect the longevity of your roof. Here’s what you should consider before making your selection. 


Roofs are constructed with all sorts of materials, from asphalt and metal to slate, wood, and tile. Asphalt shingles are one of the most popular materials due to their affordability, but that doesn’t make them the best choice. In fact, there are plenty of other materials that can stand up better, but they may cost a little more up front. Whatever material you decide on for your commercial roof, make sure you have a good idea of how long it’s going to last on your building. 


Weather conditions are going to impact your roof, and that’s true everywhere, from the coldest areas to the hottest spots. In Florida, you know your roof is going to be faced with severe climate, including high moisture, extreme heat, and natural disasters like hurricanes. The reality is that certain materials work better in certain environments; for instance, a wood roof just isn’t going to hold up against constant rainstorms the way a metal roof would. That’s why it’s so critical to think about climate before you pick which roof you want to put on your building.


We saved this for last, but hear us when we say that this just might be the most important part of any roofing job. Installation matters. It really does. Who puts your roof on, how they put it on, and what products they use to get the job done makes a huge difference. A low-quality roof will yield low-quality results — that means you’re going to have non-stop issues that require frequent repair. Over time, these things add up, and you could end up paying even more over time for repairs than you would have if you had chosen a better roof (or roofer) from the start. 

Getting a new roof is a big decision, so we encourage you to learn everything you can before picking a roof, and also ask the questions that matter most before you hire a roofing company to do the job. 

Choosing the Best Commercial Roof for Your Building in St. Augustine

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