What Does Roof Repair Include?

A lot of homeowners tend to ignore or neglect minor roof repair issues in an attempt to wait a while as long as the damage isn’t too extreme. This kind of strategy tends to backfire in the long run.

Here’s why:

  1. Delaying roof repair, no matter how small the issue, might seem like a win at the moment (particularly money-wise). However, that win won’t last long since the problem can — and probably will — escalate, costing you more than you would have spent had the issue been repaired before.
  2. Ignoring minor roof repair issues means you sabotage the lifespan of your roof. This is a dangerous gamble because it can force you into having to replace the entire roof if the problem worsens over time, leading to an unexpected expense for a roof replacement.

That’s why scheduling an inspection the moment you notice a leak or a missing shingle is always a good idea. Yes, it’s just one more cost, but it’s a minor cost compared to the major cost of having to replace your entire roof if you let a small problem grow into a larger one.

Hiring a roof repair service can give you the peace of mind because your roof problems will be handled by trained professionals so you can trust their judgment. Not only are they experts at spotting hidden problems, but they can also offer you advice on how to best handle the situation.

How Roof Repair Works

It’s easy to feel skeptical about roofers, but not all roofing companies are trying to take your money whenever and wherever they can. The best roofing companies have teams who want to help you, and one of the ways they may do this is by suggesting a simple roof repair.

Once you hire a roof repair service, the roof repair process begins and it’s usually pretty straightforward.

Schedule a Free Roof Inspection

At HW Roofing, the roof repair process starts with a free inspection. Once you’ve scheduled your free inspection appointment, our trained roofing professionals will pay you a visit and analyze the damage. Since our professionals understand the roofing system and how it works, the inspection will be thoroughly carried out to identify key problem areas and any hidden vulnerabilities.

Get a Quote

After your inspection, you’ll be provided with a ball-park price of the total repair costs. These costs are usually calculated by including the total cost of material and labor. Once you agree to the quote, you’ll be able to set up a time and date for the home roof repair. Normally, it takes the roof repair team a week to get the job done, although the timeframe can vary depending on how serious the damage is and what their schedule looks like. Busy seasons (like hurricane season) can lead to longer timeframes.

Maintain Your Roof

You play a big role in how well your roof holds up over time. While your roof is installed to keep your family protected against the elements, it can have small issues that can grow larger over time. You can look for these issues yourself when you complete regular maintenance, such as clearing your gutters and clearing any branches that hang over your roof. You can also bring in a professional roofing company to help you determine if anything is wrong with your roof. If it is, they can save you hundreds of dollars by nipping the problem in the bud from the start.

Need Roof Repair in St. Augustine, FL?

The rainy season tends to bring roof problems to the surface. If the last thing you want is to have pools of water in your living room, then request a free inspection from our team today! At HW Roofing, we deliver roof repair to those in St. Augustine, Nocatee, Ponte Vedra, Jacksonville, and the surrounding communities in Northeast FL.