How To Prepare Your Roof For Hurricane Season

Now that we’re all starting to notice erratic weather as Spring picks up its pace, it’s time to think about securing our properties. Your roof might have done well in the previous hurricane seasons or perhaps seen a little bit of damage. This year, be sure to protect your home by using the following tips from our storm experts:

Start with the major stuff: repair loose tiles and shingles

When a major storm strikes, we hunker down inside and hope not to feel a single drop of water on our heads, nor see that dreaded steady drip damaging our cherished interiors. Roof maintenance is the first step! It’s time to do an audit of the state of your roof.

Are there shingles or tiles that are obviously loose or even missing? Perhaps there’s some damage up there that you haven’t yet clocked, caused by a major weather event that happened since the last time someone climbed up to inspect those shingles and tiles?

You don’t want leaks, and you also don’t want essential pieces of your roofing to become debris that damages your home or surrounding property during high winds and major storms.

Minimize risk by cutting back surrounding trees

Now this part can feel counter-intuitive: Spring has sprung and your trees are starting to look glorious. But take a moment to assess how close those trees are to your property, by which we mean, among other things, rooves and windows.

Storm damage takes all manner of forms, and the vegetation we love to nurture can also be a liability to our homes. Take care to look out for overhanging trees that are close to the outer walls and roof of your home.

It’s time to cut them back, and your home (and family) will thank you for trimming a clear area around the family abode. Remember, stray branches cause damage to rooves, walls and windows every storm season. Be prepared.

Don’t forget to clear out those gutters!

So the thing with that old chore of cleaning the gutters is that it has a true purpose: emptied-out gutters are less likely to trap and pool water that will, in turn, damage the topmost seal of your home.

This can be a tricky form of roof damage: when water seeps into a roof, the interior weakens and, untreated, rot and mold are bound to get worse over time. It is important to stay a step ahead of water damage by giving water a clear course to drain away from your property.

We’re Here To Help

Reach out for a free roof evaluation right away, and we’ll help you stay several steps ahead of the storm damage that comes along with volatile weather.

We explain how insurance works, offer fair and transparent pricing, and give you a trustworthy assessment of how prepared your home is for the coming storms.

Get in touch with us today for peace of mind as the days get longer and the winds pick up! Our clients are always relieved they reached out for a helping hand.