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Get $75 off a repair or $500 off a reroof (minimum of 2,000 sq/ft)

HW Roofing Referral Program: Get Rewarded!

Do you know someone who needs roof repairs? Looking to earn a little extra money? If we’ve completed a roofing job on your home or business and you loved the results, you’re in luck! We’ve created a referral program that will give our customers — you! — a super-easy way to get rewards, fast. All you have to do is recommend our services!

How Our Referral Program Works

Our new referral program has been much anticipated and it’s finally here! Learn how you can get easy rewards by simply referring someone you know to HW Roofing today. Here’s how it works:


Submit an Online Referral

Refer someone you know, and if they use our services, you’ll get rewarded! A friend, family-member, co-worker, anyone! If you know someone who needs to hire a roofing company in St. Augustine, then tell them about HW Roofing. A referral is a homeowner or business owner who contracts with us for a new or re-roof of at least 1,400 sf (14 sq), or approved insurance claims paying for a complete re-roof count.


We’ll Reach Out to Them

We’ll reach out to your referral to find out if they need our services and provide them with a free quote. If they decide to become a customer, then you’ll get rewarded! Referrals that become qualified customers within 1 year of the first referral submission count toward your reward level achievement. A referral becomes a qualified customer once their roof is built by HW Roofing and they’ve signed their Certificate of Completion (CoC).


Get Your Reward

Now for the best part! Your referral will get high-quality roofing services, and you’ll get rewarded! We have a bunch of reward options at different price values, and you can choose your reward.

Reward Tier System

With this reward system, we’ve come up with a tier structure so you can earn more gift cards at different monetary values. You’re not limited to one referral or reward, either! We offer different levels for the number of qualified leads you refer. Take a look at how our reward system works:  


  • Refer 1 qualified customer
  • Receive a $150 gift card (per qualified customer)


  • Refer 3 qualified customers
  • Receive a $200 gift card (per qualified customer)


  • Refer 5 qualified customers
  • Receive a $250 gift card (per qualified customer)


  • Refer 10 qualified customers
  • Receive a $300 gift card (per qualified customer)

What Rewards Can I Earn?

Wondering what gift cards you can earn? We have a bunch to choose from!

Check out our gift card options below:

You can even split the gift cards! That’s right. We know that sometimes, you’d like some money to spend in more than one place. We get it, so we’ll allow you to split your reward between two of the gift card options in minimum denominations of $50.00. We have some great options available, so don’t wait — start referring and earn rewards now!

Start Referring Today!

At HW Roofing, we’ll give you a quality roof that will protect your home and increase its value because we believe that’s what you deserve. You shouldn’t have to deal with companies that overcharge and underperform. Our team will provide consistent communication and innovative solutions for every customer we serve. If you’re a returning customer, we hope you recommend us if you hear of someone who may need a roof repair or replacement. We love our customers, and we wanted to give back to those who have stuck with us, which is why we worked so hard to implement this referral program. It’s a small token of our appreciation, and we wanted you to know how grateful we are for your business. Start referring today! Our roofing company in St. Augustine, FL serves those in St. Augustine, Jacksonville, and the surrounding communities in Northeast FL.