Roof Repair

Being a homeowner is expensive, and the last thing you probably want to think about is investing more money into your home, especially if it’s unplanned. But sometimes, home repairs can’t be avoided — and that includes roof repair. Fortunately, not all roof repairs require a total roof overhaul, which means that calling on your local roofing company may not be as costly as you think!

The Most Common Roof Repair Issues

Most homeowners can expect their roof to last a decade — sometimes more, depending on factors such as location, climate, and quality. Let’s take a look at the most common roof repair issues homeowners face.


Almost every roof leaks at one point, especially if your roof is older. If your roof is experiencing leaks, those leaks can stem from a variety of causes. The most frequent cause is a cracked flashing. A flashing seals the roof’s perimeters and any voids (usually placed around chimneys and skylights) to prevent leaking. Other causes include broken shingles, improper sealing, and clogged gutters.

Poor Installation

A rather unfortunate aspect of entrusting the wrong roofing contractor to install a new roof is that they can do a poor installation job. This can be detrimental to your roof and home in the years to come. Furthermore, poor workmanship and a lack of skill, combined with irregular maintenance, can result in an issue that requires a huge sum of money to fix. When you need a new roof put on, going with the cheapest option is often the worst move you can make. Either save up to invest in a quality roof, or look into financing options. This way, you can avoid a poor roof installation altogether.

Ponding Water

Ponding water — or pooling water — is often found in the middle of your roof, or on flat portions of your roof. Roof membranes are made of water-resistant materials, so ponding won’t destroy your roof right away, meaning there’s no need for alarm if you notice it. However, regular ponding can damage your roof, causing leaks and other issues that will need attention.

Poor Maintenance

Many homeowners don’t think about roof maintenance until it’s too late and they need a new roof or roof repair. Basic roof maintenance includes checking for shingles, examining areas where ponding occurs, cleaning out gutters, and trimming overhead branches that could potentially damage your roof.

Reliable Roof Repair

The rainy season is coming up, and you want your roof to be in good shape so it can withstand all the wind and rain that’s bound to arrive when hurricane season begins. If you need roof installation, roof repair, or roof replacement, request a free evaluation today. At HW Roofing, our roofing company services those in St. Augustine, Nocatee, Ponte Vedra, Jacksonville, and the surrounding communities in Northeast FL.