Leased Building Roof Repair: Who Pays for It?

Roof financing questions
Roof financing questions

When you’re renting a commercial building and something goes wrong with your roof, the first question you’re probably going to ask is, “Who’s responsible for paying this?”

Depending on what your lease states, the answer could be, “Not you.”

How You’ll Know Who Pays for Roof Repairs on a Leased Building

As a commercial tenant, you should have signed a lease.

Most leases presented by a landlord include a clause about maintenance and repair, which should include roof repair. The clause usually states who’s responsible for what, and who pays for what. This clause should make both your duties and your landlord’s duties plain when it comes to caring for the space. 

If you’re dealing with a common roof repair problem, like leaking, poor installation, or ponding water, you not only need to get it looked at quickly so you can prevent other problems from arising, but figure out who’s going to pay for it so it can get taken care of as fast as possible.

Beginning the day you sign your lease, you should know exactly what you’re supposed to keep up with when it comes to the space you’re renting. This usually includes maintaining the space so it’s neat and organized, and handling basic upkeep needed due to regular wear and tear.

For other things, like roof repair, the maintenance and repair clause should be incredibly detailed and clear things up by specifying exactly what each party is responsible for in terms of maintenance and repair. 

In many cases, the landlord is responsible for most everything, including structural maintenance and repairs, like the roof. So if you need some roof repair completed on your leased building, rest easy knowing it’s likely the responsibility of your landlord, and they’ll take care of it. 

If your lease doesn’t include a clause about maintenance and repair, the best next step is to contact your landlord. 

At HW Roofing, we can complete roof repair for many different types of commercial buildings, including:

  • Retailers
  • Office spaces
  • Hotels and resorts
  • Strip malls
  • Restaurants
  • Healthcare facilities
  • And other types of businesses

Our roofing company delivers attention to detail, quality products, excellent workmanship, and consistent communication. No matter what’s going on with your commercial roof, we can provide the roof repair you need so you can get back to work and stop worrying about the roof above your space. 

Free Roof Inspection for Commercial Buildings in St. Augustine

At HW Roofing, we know how important it is to have a durable, high-quality roof protecting your space. Because commercial buildings vary in size, type, and complexity, it’s important to hire an experienced roofer who understands your building and can find an affordable solution that works. 

Our goal is to complete roof repairs that extend the life of your roof until it needs to be replaced. To give you the best end result, we’ll start by looking at the repairs needed and evaluate the roof as a whole so we can provide an honest and comprehensive solution. If the repair is large and expensive, we have financing options available so you can get the repairs you need without blowing your budget. 

To get started with a free roof inspection, contact our team today. Our commercial roofing company services are available to those in St. Augustine, Nocatee, Ponte Vedra, Jacksonville, and the surrounding communities in Northeast FL.