What Time of Year Is Best to Replace a Roof?

The roof is one of the most important structural components of your home. As such, it’s important to ensure that you keep up with its maintenance requirements. Unfortunately, because the roof suffers so much assault throughout the year, it will eventually reach a time where it won’t be able to take anymore. When that happens, among other things, you will have to figure out when you can do a roof replacement. The current state of your roof, your location, and the material all play a role in determining the best time for your roof replacement.

Is There a Best Season?

There are several things to figure out if it so happens that you need a roof replacement, including the best time of the year for replacements. So, is there one particular season that’s better than all the others when it comes to roof replacements? In reality, each season offers its advantages and disadvantages. As such, the best time to replace your roof becomes whenever you have had enough time to plan and prepare for a replacement. However, there are seasons that are preferred by contractors when it comes to roof replacement.

A Summary of the Seasons

A professional roofer can deliver impressive results regardless of the reason. However, there are seasons when it will be easier to work outdoors. Here are some things you might want to know about roof installation during the different seasons:


Spring is a great season for roof replacement since the weather is ideal for outdoor work. This means there won’t be any labor-related issues due to heat. The temperatures are slowly rising which allows adhesives used for asphalt shingles to self-bond sooner.


Summer is one of the most popular seasons for roof installations. The sun will be shining bright, and the days will be quite long. Because of the high likelihood of clear weather, lots of roof replacements are carried out in summer. The abundant heat from the sun in summer is ideal for activation of the tar strip on the back of your asphalt shingles.


Autumn, if there is such a thing in Florida, is usually the busiest as far as roof replacements and repairs are concerned. The weather during the fall is a little cooler, making it a perfect time for roofing contractors to work. Because temperatures don’t reach the extremes in autumn, roofing teams can work longer without heat related breaks, which allows them to finish the job more efficiently.  However, due to the ideal conditions, autumn tends to be a busy season, so you may need to schedule your replacement very early so you can get the best contractor to do your installation.

What About Winter?

Winter is rarely ideal for any kind of outdoor work in many parts of the country.  However, here in Florida winter is a perfectly fine time to install your new roof.  There may be a few days where installing a roof is not ideal and an install date gets changed, but for the most part Florida has mild winters and installation can carry on as usual.  The biggest challenge for a roofer in Florida is that the days are shorter.   

Schedule a Free Inspection

Roof replacement can be done during any season as long as you choose the best materials and roofing contractor to work with. If you are not in a hurry, feel free to sit with a Roofing Company St. Augustine / Roof Repair to determine what season would be best to have your roof replaced. If you are unsure where your roof can withstand a few more years of defending your home against external threats, you should schedule a free inspection with us and we will help you make a decision.